1. Forgiveness

From the recording Fires Burning

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Adam Bowman – drums
Paul Intson – bass
Scott Merritt – Wurlitzer
- electric guitar
- vibraphone
Dave Withers – midi synthesizer
- vocals
Recorded by Scott Merritt at the cottaGe
Midi Synthesizer recorded by Dave Withers at Last Chance Gas


Words and Music by Vicki Fraser

go further into the man
who closes off the world
and waits for the routine to end
he doesn't know
what to do or what to say
so he turns and walks away

forgiveness, bending with the wind
forgiveness, in the end it will begin

maybe time warps the truth to be
a discount value memory
a cold wind blows
as the hard years fade
we learn to talk about
why we are afraid

forgiveness, it can't be any other way
forgiveness, learn to love and then walk away

all the years have brought out your eyes
the eyes that have learned
to read between my lives
like two trains burning down the track
full steam ahead and
don't look back

forgiveness, for the cradle to the stone
forgiveness, for all that you have shown