1. Wishing

From the recording Fires Burning

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Nathan Lawr - drums
Emma Howarth-Withers – bass – Fender Precision
Nick Craine – harmonies and backing vocals
Dave Withers – all guitars and feedback guitars – Gretsch Electromatic, Rickenbacker
Recorded by Scott Merritt at the cottage
Produced by Dave Withers and Scott Merritt
Mixed by Scott Merritt


Words and Music by Dave Withers © 2021

In the morning
you made some absolutions
(The only way that you wouldn't lose it)
You were forced to forgive

You made your way down
the long dark stairwell
and thought each step took you closer
to where the angel fell

Down beneath the darkened shadow
everything is thin and hollow
Preaching what is right

In the evening
voice raw from yelling
feet that are killing
hair all dishevelled
you are happy
You've been fighting the devil
cause you've got to believe
You climb back
and start the night's vigil
light a candle in your apartment window
where you're forced to live
and on the rooftop
the wind does roar
You stand alone and silent, looking
for heaven's door

Up above the night's hoarse whisper
waiting for a god to kiss you
arms raised to the sky
Reaching for some wings to lift you
Searching for a light to step through
Wishing you could fly