1. Just Go Home

From the recording Fires Burning

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Danny Lockwood – drums
Paul Intson – bass
Scott Merritt – wah guitar
Michael O’Connell - harmonies
Dave Withers – vibrato guitar
- ebow feedback guitar
- overdriven guitar
- vocals
Recorded by Scott Merritt at the cottaGe
Produced by Dave Withers and Scott Merritt
Mixed by Scott Merritt


Just Go Home
Words and Music by Dave Withers © 2021

She wants to be alone
so just go home
She can't say what she doesn't know
so just go home

She wants a brother and you want a lover
so just go home

She never wanted to hurt you
so just go home
She just wants to be happy
so just go home

She'll give you kisses
She'll give you tears
She'll give you whispers spinning softly through your ears
She'll give you memories when days alone have past
She'll give you everything but nothing that will last
And no home