From the recording Fires Burning

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Mark Mariash – drums
Scott Merritt – bass
- acoustic guitar, ukulele
Denis Keldie – electric piano
- accordian
Dave Withers - vocals
Recorded by Scott Merritt at the cottage
Keys and Accordian recorded by Denis Keldie at his home
Produced by Scott Merritt and Dave Withers
Mixed by Scott Merritt


Down to the Dance
Words and Music by Dave Withers © 2021

It's a beautiful day
Sunlight is fading
Look at my face
I know we're aging
But all along these lines you are tracing
There was one destination
Won't you please please come to the dance

I've been foolish all day
Fire to gas
Carried away
Have not or have
You and me, I'm not deserving
Hopefully, I'm winning not losing
And you will come to the dance

Put up the lights
Strike up the band
Kick off your shoes
And hold my hand
Let the aches and the pains
Let all the hard days
Drift from us here
Drift far far away

We'll bring the kids
All dress to the nines
Do nothing else
But have a good time
And you can lead, we'll follow your footsteps
Happy to be a part of the mischief
When we all go down to the dance