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All My Favourite Songs

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For the past few years there has been a re-emergence of a fear-based mindset and around 2016 hatred was again given the stamp of approval much as it was from 1933 to 1945, when a powerful leader cultivated and welcomed people’s darkest instincts.

I've read stories about people, maybe Jewish, Muslim maybe black, maybe women, men, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, who used their selves as decoys to save their families from this hate fueled persecution. I read about them, the courage they had, and I tried to put myself in their shoes.

Produced by Dave Withers and Scott Merritt
Recorded by Scott Merritt at The Cottage

Vocals - Dave Withers
Acoustic Guitar - Dave Withers
Electric Guitar - Dave Withers
Keyboards - Dave Withers
except distorted piano patch - Scott Merritt
Bass - Paul Intson
Drum loop - Sam Cino
Drums - Sam Cino
Harmonies - Scott Merritt


All My Favourite Songs
©Dave Withers 2017
Words and Music by Dave Withers 2017

You'll have to run in the night time
Until you get away
Hide in the daylight
you can't stay
Put your coats on my dears
Hold hands all the way
It's so cold outside
You can't stay

And I will hold you here
Warm and close in memory
And watch you disappear
I'll make believe there's a family
So no one knows you're gone
Play piano to an empty room
All your favourite songs

You have to leave your life behind
The darkest times have come
You can see me in the summertime
When all of this is done
Put your coats on my dears
The time to talk has gone
Kiss me one last time
And run my sweethearts run

You will find me my loves'
whispering a song
whispering a melody -
Winter's come and gone

And I will hold you here